In a clash that featured the two teams involved in one of the biggest trades of the 2019-2020 offseason, Evil Geniuses and Cloud9 couldn’t have written a better script leading up to this final moment. Of course these two teams’ tales would culminate in a playoff fight for survival. And of course Cloud9 would cruise to victory in their first gauntlet appearance of 2020 – because that’s just what Cloud9 does. 

It began with a bang. No, not EG’s bot laner, but a literal bang. Game 1 of the series was an absolute back-and-forth nailbiter that featured more total kills than minutes played – and it was a 45-minute game. EG jumped out to an early lead, holding a reasonably large gold advantage over Cloud9 throughout the entirety of the mid-game, but failing to close out the contest at any point. C9 eventually was able to scale up naturally via their team composition, which was headlined by Senna and Vladimir, clawing back into the game with enough teamfight wins to secure a late-game nailbiter of a victory. 

From there, Game 2 of the series featured a far wider margin of victory, as C9 was able to wrap things up in just over 30 minutes with a gold differential of 13.6k by the time they took down EG’s nexus. In Game 3, Cloud9 made quick work of EG in yet another 30 minute game, closing out the series by a score of 3-0. 

Cloud9 saw contributions from across the entire starting lineup, as solo laners Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer and Eric “Licorice” Ritchie combined for a total scoreline of 30/15/69 with respective KDAs of 5.9 and 7.4 on the afternoon. 

But no player came up greater today for C9 than Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen, who put the team on his back across all three games, posting a total KDA of 7.7 during the series, as well as a DMG% of 27.3%. If C9 is going to continue to progress through the lower bracket of the playoffs, they’ll need their star bot laner to keep playing at such a dominant rate.

Cloud9 will move onto the next round of the LCS lower bracket, where they’ll face the eventual winner of the TSM-Golden Guardians rematch coming tomorrow afternoon. After today’s victory, they currently stand just two matches away from another trip to the LCS Finals.  

For Evil Geniuses, their run through the gauntlet, and subsequently, their 2020 season, comes to an unceremonious close. We’ll see them again next winter after what’s sure to be an intriguing offseason. 

Featured image via Lolesports, Riot Games