This week, Riot released another new champion to League of Legends. Sett, tersely subtitled The Boss is the third character to hit live servers this preseason alongside Senna and Aphelios. And while this sudden influx of new content to the game might seem like a case of Riot pulling the trigger on too many releases at once, there really isn’t a question that this is the right move. Now is the perfect time for Sett (and others) to be released.

Mainly, Sett’s release comes alongside a revitalization of League while also serving as a way for the game to usher in a new season as well as a new decade. In short, this new character really couldn’t have come at a better time. 

Riot absolutely nailed the release window for Sett as he emerges onto the scene just a few days into the 2020 ranked season. Players coming back to League for the first time in a while will be greeted by one of the game’s newest faces – not only driving up playability, but also potential RP sales. In this facet, Sett’s release is a complete win for both Riot and League’s playerbase.

Additionally, the fact that he was put out to the world before the professional season began was another major victory for the competitive side of LoL. Throwing a brand new character into the mix during the middle of the year has proven to be detrimental to the competitive integrity of leagues across the world. Characters like Kai’Sa, Taliyah, and Ekko, who were released during the competitive season, ultimately changed the landscape of the game as a whole right smack in the middle of the year. 

Video via Riot Games

On the flipside, when there’s ample time for a character to be tested and learned before things really kick off, it’s clear that the balance of the game on its highest level won’t be affected too negatively. 

This is only part of what makes Sett’s release so beneficial and obviously calculated by Riot. With the 2020 season in full swing, there’s a really good chance that Sett’s going to be the last new face added to League for a while. However, with how fruitful the preseason was in terms of new champion releases, it’s safe to say that the dynamic of the game was altered heavily heading into this new era of League – and that it couldn’t have happened at a better time. 


Photo Credit: League of Legends, Riot Games