If there’s one thing Warlords of Draenor got right, it’s PvE content. Sure, we can spend all day ragging on the shortcomings of Garrisons and Ashran PvP, but the dungeons and raids that were on display in WoD were some of the best that any WoW expansion has had to offer. 

And now, nearly five years after the expansion’s release, we’re getting to experience some of those dungeons again through Warlords of Draenor Timewalking. But despite the fact that the expansion offered up eight dungeons back in the day, only six are available to play this week on live servers. And while this is often the case with Timewalking, the WoD version might have left out the single best dungeon that the expansion featured. 

That’s right, out of all the dungeons to potentially hit the cutting room floor, Grimrail Depot didn’t make the final list of WoD Timewalking instances. 

And while you certainly can’t be mad over the dungeons that were included, the fact that Grimrail was axed is definitely disappointing. How can you leave out a dungeon that takes place on a high-speed train flying through all of Draenor?

The Grimrail

The dungeon is frankly iconic, and when it comes to representing what Warlords of Draenor was all about, Grimrail lines right up at the top. The ambience of the opening chamber, lined with Orcs, Goblins, and machinations of war, absolutely nails the aesthetic of Warlords, while the dungeon’s first bosses, Railmaster Rocketspark and Borka the Brute, represent a textbook WoD boss fight.

From there, climbing a seemingly never-ending staircase while avoiding a barrage of bombs posed one of the dungeon’s greatest challenges, but once you’re finally on the Grimrail, the instance only ramps up from there. 

You’re greeted by massive packs of mobs and the ominous (yet bellowing) voice and overall presence of Nitrogg Thundertower, the train’s next boss and artillery commander. As you wade your way through endless enemies, Nitrogg shouts orders at his subordinates until finally, once you reach his car on the train, you come face to face with him. And after a brief first phase, he would jump into a massive turret and give players one of the most mechanically-intense fights that WoD had to offer. 

His signature move, Suppressive Fire, forced players to hide between barrels and crates while a slew of bullets rained down on the group. When you weren’t being sprayed down by his turret or hit with molten slag, you had a brief window of opportunity to attack his turret and eventually kill the boss.

After Thundertower, the Grimrail posed one final challenge to players, as Skylord Tovra forced the group to evade pools of lightning, navigate past freezing traps, and move carefully throughout the train’s platform as electricity would occasionally encompass the entire boss room. Mind you, all of this was going on as the train was speeding through Gorgrond’s various plains and canyons – a fight that was worth running the dungeon entirely through. 

The Crash Site

After defeating Tovra, the players were greeted by another cinematic, the second of the dungeon,  where the train would go down in an explosion and eventually lead to a canyon where the wreck of the Grimrail could be seen, along with the boss’ lootable body. 

All in all, Grimrail Depot might just be the best dungeon to come out of Warlords of Draenor, as it’s certainly the most unique. It’s my favorite for sure, and to see it left off the list for WoD Timewalking this past week was definitely unfortunate. Hopefully, by the time the next Warlords Timewalking event comes around in March (or so), Blizzard will include Grimrail Depot in the lineup of potential dungeons. At the very least, the expansion’s legacy should be traced back to its most iconic dungeon. 


Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft, Ryan Cooper