Just months ago, we were asking if Battle for Azeroth was on its last limb. An expansion with a fiery start and a ridiculously quick decline in terms of intrigue and interest was doomed to fall to the wayside. That is until two weeks ago, of course, when the long-awaited Patch 8.2 hit the live servers.  A lack of significant content that would have built upon the expansion’s raucous launch most definitely hurt Battle for Azeroth in the long run, but with the arrival of this newest patch, it’s safe to say that the expansion is healthier than ever.

Patch 8.2 has brought everything that WoW players have been dying to see in the game for months (possibly even longer) now. The introduction of Mechagon and Nazjatar fulfill promises we saw put on the table all the way back at last year’s Blizzcon, while Queen Azshara’s presence as a major character is something that Blizzard has been hinting at for nearly a decade. If anything, Patch 8.2 is the culmination of months and months of buildup, finally resulting in one of the most satisfying payoffs in WoW history. 

To say that Patch 8.2 is saving Battle for Azeroth would be a massive understatement. The patch is doing wonders for the game right now, as World of Warcraft has never felt more alive in 2019. For whatever reason it may be, people are actually playing the game. WoW feels more lively and vibrant than it has at any point since the launch of the expansion. Whether it be for PvP, PvE, or the desire of pure exploration, the new content has brought back so many old players, while revitalizing the ones that have stuck around. Shades of last summer flicker throughout the game this summer, as WoW genuinely feels like it did a year ago at the launch of BfA. 

Even as the core problems of BfA still remain present (Azerite gear, sharding, and the game’s overarcing aura of monotony to name a few), it feels like the expansion is headed in the right direction. Progress is coming into prominence in Patch 8.2, as for the first time in a long time, it genuinely feels like Battle for Azeroth is headed in the right direction. 

The absolute stalemate of content that had hung over this expansion like a dark cloud is finally starting to pass as Battle for Azeroth feels engaging and purposeful once again. Instead of logging on and running around Boralus, I’m actually playing the game – completing World Quests, running dungeons and raids, and seriously striving to progress my character before the release of raid content on July 9th. The best part about it all? Lots of people are actually doing those exact same things alongside me.

BfA feels like it did 10 months ago. Players are repopulating Kul Tiras and Zandalar, the world feels inhabited again, and Mechagon and Nazjatar are serving as hotbeds for progression, interaction, and an overall sense of wonder that WoW had been so desperately needing ever since the initial hype from this expansion’s launch began to die down. 

As it currently stands, Battle for Azeroth has been given a shot in the arm by Patch 8.2. Catching up to where you once were at earlier points in the expansion has never been easier, as the patch fosters the arrival of new players, while welcoming returning players back with open arms. Together, we’re entering a new era of BfA, one that builds off the success of its launch rather than letting it fall to the wayside. And while it may be nearly a year after the fact, the game is still proving that it can show shades of beauty and life, no matter the circumstances.


Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft