There are over 850 songs in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With each Nintendo franchise serving us dozens of songs each on average with plenty more tracks coming from all over the universe of gaming, the audio selection in the game is downright enormous. However, some songs shine brighter than others. Here are the top 10 songs from Smash Ultimate. Please note this list is entirely based off personal opinion.


  1. Gerudo Valley – One of the most iconic songs from the Legend of Zelda franchise, “Gerudo Valley” is a nostalgia blast that will bring any player back to the Nintendo 64 era. The fact that it was snubbed from Breath of the Wild was definitely unfortunate, but to see the track make a triumphant return in Ultimate alongside its namesake stage is a huge plus. The triumph and history of this track need no introduction, as any true Zelda fan would see this one as one of the best songs in Nintendo history.


  1. Vampire Killer – Ultimate has served up nothing but positives for the Castlevania franchise, as the game has quickly been catapulted back into the spotlight. Simon and Richter have served as seriously intriguing additions to the Smash universe and “Vampire Killer” is the perfect theme song for laying down the law with the Belmonts.


  1. Porky’s Theme – The Earthbound franchise is arguably the most forgotten about series in the entire Nintendo catalog. Hell, I couldn’t have cared less about those games if it hadn’t been for Ness and Lucas’ constant appearances in Smash games. However, if the series has one thing going for it, it’s the soundtrack. “Porky’s Theme” is most definitely a highlight, and while the character himself might not have a roster spot in Ultimate just yet, he could be on the horizon in the coming future. For now, though, his theme can definitely suffice.


  1. Fire Emblem Theme – I really didn’t care for any of the Fire Emblem music prior to Ultimate, but after playing maps like Coliseum and Arena Ferox, the music has really stuck with me as a backdrop for some seriously epic battles. Specifically, the “Fire Emblem Theme” has struck a cord with me on more than one occasion. Those opening horns followed by a bombastic choir is majestic enough to earn a spot on the list. Additionally, Castle Siege might just be the most abominable map to make it into a competitive ruleset, but if the “Fire Emblem Theme” is there to back things up, it makes the experience a little more worth it.


  1. Obstacle Course (Yoshi’s Island) – As one of the most playful, feel-good tracks in the entire game, “Obstacle Course” provides a beat that’s just fast-paced enough to serve as a perfect battle song. The fact that it’s the official song of the Yoshi’s Island stage makes things even better, as seeing how the stage is quite small and compact, an energetic background song keeps things up-tempo and high-energy. This catchy tune is easily one of the strongest in the game.


  1. Guile Theme – The “Guile Theme” is one of the most iconic songs in the history of gaming and to see it make an appearance in Smash Ultimate is definitely a welcome sight. It’s essentially a top 5 song by default. The fact that we can see Mario fighting Snake to the tune of Guile’s Theme is the perfect celebration of video games in 2019 and frankly, no other game can accomplish something like that.


  1. Wildlands – Every Yoshi stage in Smash Ultimate is extremely vibrant, colorful, and almost childlike. “Wildlands” fits that bill exceptionally well and when it comes to fighting any sort of epic battle, the song serves as as a perfect counterbalance. There’s almost a certain tropical feel behind the song, making things almost relaxed in one of the most intense games of all time.


  1. Lumiose City – Not only is “Lumiose City” the best Pokémon song available in Smash Ultimate, it’s the best Pokémon song. Period. The strings in this piece are genuinely mesmerizing as everything comes together so perfectly. There isn’t a part of this track that isn’t amazing, as the the majesty of Lumiose City from Pokémon X & Y was such a huge part of my childhood and to see that same magic reincarnated in Smash Ultimate is downright amazing. The soundtrack to one of, if not, the best city from any Pokémon game, accompanied by a stage featuring the actual city itself is something that has captivated me immensely in this game, just as I was captivated over five years ago when I first heard this song.


  1. Go K.K. Rider – You can’t tell me this isn’t the best Animal Crossing song. You can’t tell me this doesn’t get your blood pumping. You can’t tell me this song doesn’t get your heart beating out of your chest during a game 5 situation on Smashville. “Go K.K. Rider” is definitely the most hype song in all of Ultimate, as its naturally exciting tempo and melodies have become nothing short of a Smash staple.


  1. Gusty Garden Galaxy – Super Mario Galaxy is the greatest Nintendo game of all time, and “Gusty Garden Galaxy” is the greatest Nintendo song of all time. In a lineup of over 850 tracks, the fact that this one is even on the list makes all other 849 pale in comparison. Everything in this song works so perfectly as there really isn’t a moment that doesn’t floor you. This piece is genuinely timeless and to have it serve as the background music for any game of Smash is a treat to say the least.