By now, it’s no secret that Battle for Azeroth has received a generally negative reaction from the majority of the World of Warcraft playerbase, but with new content waiting in the wings, perhaps the game’s latest expansion could be seeing a much needed twist of fate in the coming weeks. As Patch 8.1.5 approaches and Patch 8.2 looms on the horizon, the current state of WoW could see great improvements with each piece of added content.

And if there’s any piece of significant content that has united the WoW community throughout the years, it’s the fantastic raids that Blizzard has supplied us with. Even the darkest times in the game’s history have been supported by some seriously remarkable raid content. For as stark as Warlords of Draenor may have been, raids like Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry, and even Hellfire Citadel were all solid pieces of PvE material that served as some major redeeming qualities for the expansion.

Even now, in BfA, Uldir is one of the most intriguing pieces of content that the expansion has to offer. And even though the game might be lacking in terms of longevity and replayability right now, Uldir still represents a solid reprieve that has entertained those looking for a piece of difficult endgame content.

But, like much of the content presented in Battle for Azeroth, Uldir isn’t enough to support the raiding community on its own.

However, brighter days may be ahead, as the second raid of BfA, the Battle of Dazar’Alor, is set to release later this month. However, the question still remains- “Can this raid save the expansion?”

And now, as we enter the 6th month of Battle for Azeroth’s lifespan, we may already be past the point of no return. The portion of the game that focuses on raiding is near dead- and the release of a new raid might not be enough to resuscitate it. We’ve been fighting the same eight bosses for the past four months, and frankly, things have gotten stagnant. The lack of content in BfA is a major detriment to the game right now, as the quiet nature of the expansion is quickly driving the playerbase away. Even WoD had two raids available for play by the time Hellfire Citadel, seven months after that expansion came out. And of course, Mists of Pandaria had given us three whole raids by the time we entered the Throne of Thunder, not even six months after the release of the expansion.

In BfA, things just feel stale- especially the raiding scene. For an expansion that started with so much promise and in such a bombastic fashion, the fact that we’ve even reached this point is truly remarkable. Five months ago, I genuinely thought it impossible to get bored of this expansion. I spent countless hours exploring two lush, vibrant, and truly massive continents. I would clear my map of every single world quest, only for more to be available as soon as I finished. Now, it’s a modern miracle if I complete my emissaries. I ran dungeons like it was my job- spending countless hours studying boss fights and implementing my knowledge into the game. Now, I’m lucky if I have the energy to obtain my weekly chest. And on top of everything else, I loved Uldir- I still love Uldir- I would go as far as saying it’s up there with some of the best raids in the history of modern WoW.

And now, instead of being ridiculously excited for a new raid, I’m wondering if it can save the expansion. I’m wondering if it will be worth playing. I’m wondering how I’m going to find fun. And most importantly, I’m wondering how long BfA will survive.

And if we’re seriously asking these types of questions five months in, chances are a new raid won’t do anything to brighten the situation. The most we can do is hope that better days lie ahead.  


Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft