On the first day of the 2018 World Championship Main Event, G2 Esports was able to complete the first upset of the tournament, taking home a solid 36-minute victory over the LCK’s 2nd-seeded Afreeca Freecs. And if there was one sincere factor that led the Europeans to their first victory, it was their bottom laner, Petter “Hjarnan” Freyschus, and his signature champion, Heimerdinger.

Throughout the course of the season, if there’s one champion that Hjarnan was able to make a name for himself on, it was absolutely Heimerdinger. Whenever the character is in his hands, victory is essentially assured for G2, as Hjarnan has never lost a single game while playing him.

So far this season, including today’s performance against Afreeca, Hjarnan posts an incredibly impressive win-rate of 100% on the champion over the course of eight total games. Additionally, Hjarnan holds a massive KDA of 18.8 on Heimerdinger this season, the highest out of all seventeen champions in his pool.

On top of his dominating win-rate and disgusting KDA on the champion, Hjarnan holds a CSM of 9.7, a GPM of 457, and a DPM of 653.8, the last of which being the highest of all qualified Heimerdinger players in the world. And while it may seem like there aren’t many Heimerdinger players whose qualifications stand up to those of Hjarnan, it’s because there aren’t. His eight games on the champion this season are the most by a wide margin, and no one in the world seems even close to catching up.

And despite Hjarnan’s celebrity status on Heimerdinger, the Afreeca Freecs still made the major oversight of discounting the champion in the G2 bottom laner’s hands, as he was able to take it onto the Rift in his opening contest, striking down the Korean titans in convincing fashion. The fact that Afreeca didn’t respect Hjarnan’s Heimer is frankly unbelievable and incredibly out of character for a Korean team at an international tournament, let alone in any form of play; especially when one considers the level of success that the champion carried G2 to in 2018.

And now, as the tournament marches on, G2 has already established themselves as one of the most promising teams after the first day of play. However, the secret is now out: Hjarnan is immaculate on Heimerdinger. In fact, he might just be the best Heimerdinger player in the world. Luckily, when playing the rest of the champions in his pool, Hjarnan was able to post a positive win-rate of 56%, a KDA of 5.6, and a DPM of 599.

So while his average statistics outside of Heimerdinger might pale in comparison to those of the Revered Inventor, it’s safe to say that G2 is still in good hands, no matter who Hjarnan takes onto the Rift. However, after yet another brilliant showing on Heimerdinger on Day 1, be sure that no other team in Group A will make the same fatal mistake that befell Afreeca Freecs.