Throughout the course of League of Legends history, the meta has shifted countless times, as certain champions have shifted in and out of the limelight over the years. Even throughout one singular season, the meta could change dozens of times, especially as more and more champions are released and reworked. However, with just one major tournament left in the 2018 season, we could finally experience an anomaly of the meta never experienced before. Every single champion might finally be picked in a single season.

There’s just seven days to go until the 2018 World Championship kicks off, and with 139 of the 141 champions in the game already picked in competitive play, we are already on pace to have our most diverse season in the history of League. Only Annie and Vi remain on the table, as even some of the game’s newest champions like Kai’Sa and Pyke have already become forces to be reckoned with in the game’s meta.

And now, with at least 36 games on tap for the for the Play-in Stage, plus dozens more lined up for the tournament’s Main Event, there will be ample opportunities for the final two pieces of the puzzle to be locked in at some point during the World Championship.

The game’s newest additions, Nunu & Willump, have yet to be picked on the competitive stage. However, in terms of statistics, the old version of Nunu has been selected 27 times this season, winning 16 of those contests, including 9 of the last 10 games he’s appeared in. From a statistical standpoint, the number of champions in the game hasn’t increased, making it unfair to count the Nunu rework against the total tally of champion picks in competitive play.

However, now the focus turns to Annie and Vi. Both champions have had their moments throughout the game’s history, and with only one month remaining in the 2018 season, now more than ever, these two champions need to make an appearance at Worlds if the clean sweep is going to be completed.

In regards to both champions, only one player participating in the 2018 World Championship has played either of them in the past two years, and that’s Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev Galabov, the Fnatic Support player, who took Annie onto the Rift over a year ago last summer, only to end up losing a 29-minute stomp at the hands of H2K. Vi, however, has not been picked by a 2018 Worlds participant in the past two years, and has not been picked at all since last year by any professional players.

While the odds of a season-long clean sweep seem seriously low right now, as Annie and Vi both remain outside shots heading into Worlds, the possibility of the most diverse season in League of Legends history becoming even more diverse is certainly eye-opening, and most definitely healthy for the state of the competitive scene.


Photo Credit: Riot Games, League of Legends