On Tuesday, the unthinkable happened. After taking yet another competitive scene, Tryndamere, possibly the game’s most unpredictable and sporadic champion, was picked in a professional game.

         Tryndamere had only made fifteen appearances on the competitive stage over the course of the past four years, making him one of the game’s most elusive picks. Most notably, the character’s disappointing record of 4-11 over that stretch solidified him as practically an untouchable pick in the competitive meta. With just one true professional pick in the past three years, and several amateur picks scattered throughout the scene,  Tryndamere was largely ignored by much of the competitive community. 

        That was, until this week. A few days ago, in the Summer 2018 installment of the EU Masters tournament, Julius “Zty” Kursys of Turing eSports took the Barbarian King onto the Rift once again, just four days ahead of the five-year anniversary of a GamingGear.eu vs. TSM matchup at the 2013 World Championship that saw Laurynas “Nbs” Kisielius dominate Andy “Reginald” Dinh’s Teemo and Alex “Xpecial” Chu’s Vladimir.

        In the Masters match against For the Win eSports Club, Zty played Tryndamere in the Mid lane, a first for the rarely-played champion, while leading the Turing squad to a 33 minute victory. Zty himself finished the game with a scoreline of 4/1/1 and a final CS count of 405, averaging for a CSM of 12.1, the highest in the game by far.

        Tryndamere was originally speculated to make a return into the meta earlier in the Summer, as plenty of high-damage, skirmish-focused champions benefitted from the introduction of the Conqueror keystone mastery. However, he missed the cut, as other characters like Aatrox and Fiora were able to jump back into competitive play, while Tryndamere missed the boat.

         And while Zty’s showing on Tryndamere was nothing to get too excited about, it may kickstart a long-awaited resurgence in the champion, just in time for the season’s biggest tournament.


Photo Credit: Riot Games, League of Legends