Yesterday, former TSM coach and performance consultant Weldon Green announced his return to the organization via his YouTube channel. Green parted ways with SoloMid in November of 2016 only to join G2 Esports 2 months later as an assistant coach. During this stint, he worked alongside current TSM members Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen and Alfonso “Mithy” Rodriguez. Green’s roots with the TSM organization run incredibly deep, and despite the fact that he will be embracing a smaller role with TSM this time around, his return to the team could have an enormous impact on the remainder of TSM’s 2018 season.

         Although Weldon will not reprise his role as a coach, his impact on the team will certainly be felt throughout the remainder of the year, no matter how minimal his direct involvement may be. After TSM’s win over OpTic Gaming on Sunday, TSM General Manager Parth Naidu confirmed via Reddit that Green will be working remotely with TSM’s freshman jungler, Mike Yeung over the course of the next month. Yeung is the only member of the current TSM roster to not receive any sort of training from Green and the organization feels that he “would benefit from the same knowledge [and] experience” as the other players, who have undergone the full extent of Green’s training program.  

         Apparently, those benefits are already in full swing. In an interview with NALCS hostess Ovilee May on Sunday, Yeung confirmed he had already been working with Green as of last week, and that the meetings so far have been “really helpful”. Over the next month, Yeung and Green will continue to work together with a goal of bringing the young jungle prodigy up to speed with the rest of TSM’s roster in terms of psychology and mental toughness.

         In League of Legends, mentality, mindset, and attitude are just as important as the gameplay aspects of the game, and with just one week of Green’s assistance, Mike Yeung posted his best week of the split, leading TSM to two victories on Kha’Zix, while posting a combined scoreline of 7/2/15 and a KP of 68%. It’s certainly no coincidence that TSM found success after just one week with Green back inside the organization. During the course of Green’s original run with TSM, the team posted a regional record of 41-7 en route to the organization’s 4th North American title and their 6th consecutive trip to the World Championship.

         However, the 2018 Spring Split is drawing to a close quickly, and TSM needs all the help they can get if their goal is to move past the 6 seed, which they currently inhabit. So far this split, TSM have shown signs of cohesion, but the team had never truly turned on the jets, until seemingly now. With Weldon assisting their jungler, TSM should finally be able to close any gaps between losses, near-wins, and full-blown victories, as there have been plenty of missing links throughout the past 6 weeks that can be traced back to Mike Yeung.

         The freshman’s performance has not lived up to expectations thus far. He’s posted a 2.7 KDA after 12 games, the 8th best amongst 10 eligible junglers. Yeung also has the 2nd most deaths for his position, accumulating 20 of them throughout the first 6 weeks of the split. For comparison, Yeung posted a staggering 4.1 KDA during his first 12 games with Phoenix1 last summer.  

         Despite past struggles, TSM’s impressive week 6 wins over OpTic and 1st place Echo Fox allowed Mike Yeung to take matters into his own hands. By hopping on a carry champion in Kha’Zix, he stepped into the limelight and thrived for the first time since his days of Nidalee masterclasses with P1. During TSM’s last 2-0 weekend 3 weeks ago, Yeung was cloistered on to Sejuani for 2 consecutive games, and although SoloMid was able to emerge victorious, Mike was never able to shine. Now, with 3 weeks left to go in the regular season, Mike Yeung is already showing signs that he can step up and shine when needed. For TSM’s budding jungler, the potential is there, and with Weldon Green working behind the scenes, the execution is surely coming. 

         Although the standings might say otherwise, TSM is about to flourish in their late-season form. The top half of the playoff bracket is closer together than anyone realizes, and with TSM finally hitting their full potential with only 6 games to go, the rest of the league has good reason to be scared. There’s plenty of talent and greatness on this team, and there’s shades of glory in its aspiring jungler, and with a master of mind games pulling the strings of his brain, the sky is the absolute limit.