It feels like just yesterday that the entirety of the WoW community was wide-eyed and hopeful over the launch of Battle for Azeroth. Two years ago to the day, we were just five days into the release of the game’s newest expansion, and personally, I was overwhelmed and thrilled with the amount of content we had received at launch. Between the vast amount of world content to be completed, instances to run, and new areas to explore, the first few weeks of BfA were jam-packed with new content.

The best part about all of it, though, was that we all knew that there was going to be even more content streaming down the pipeline in just a few weeks. Warfronts were on the horizon and BfA was already starting to look like it would fill out impressively – perhaps even better than Legion did. 

Obviously things didn’t work out that way, and Warfronts, the piece of content which I had personally been really excited for – and even held out hope for throughout the entirety of the expansion – fell remarkably short. 

When we had first been informed that we would be going back to the Arathi Highlands, bringing the expansion’s war effort to the old world, I truly expected to have warfronts in every corner of Azeroth. In the end, we only got two of them: Arathi and Darkshore.

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And now, as BfA comes to a close and I look back on the expansion as a whole, exploring much of the world and cleaning up miscellaneous tasks before we move on to Shadowlands, I can’t help but think of all of potential areas across the entirety of Azeroth that would have made for great warfronts. 

Just the other day, I was in Uldum doing Black Empire dailies for a chance at Rank 4 Breath of the Dying, and I decided to fly a bit further north than usual, stumbling into Tanaris. While I was there, I couldn’t help but travel around the west side of Kalimdor, thinking about how cool it would have been if we actually got some warfront content in zones like The Barrens and Ashenvale, for example. It would have been pretty cool to see the consequences of our actions in Darkshore spill out into other parts of the continent – particularly the neighboring zones. 

What’s most frustrating when it comes to warfronts is that we only saw two of them, and they were both plastered at the front end of the expansion. It feels as though the idea to build upon the already existing infrastructure that was already there had been abandoned completely halfway through BfA. A third warfront to close out the expansion – sort of like a “last hurrah” of the Fourth War – would have been greatly appreciated. Regardless of what zone it would be placed in, it would have been really nice to see at least one more Warfront down the stretch of BfA

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Because now, moving into Shadowlands, it’s hard to see Warfronts make their way into the next expansion – or any future iteration of the game, for that matter. As it stands right now, it feels like Warfronts will simply die alongside Battle for Azeroth when the expansion falls to the wayside this autumn. 

Which is frankly a shame, mainly because the potential that could have been unlocked from a totally original, large-scale piece of content like that was limitless. With an entire world to work with, the chances for Warfronts to scale across all of Azeroth would have theoretically been high, and the payoff would have been pretty cool. I guess we’ll have to wait for the Fifth War to get another look at what could have been. 

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