For the past few months, I’ve been mercilessly working towards the ‘Phenomenal Cosmic Power’ feat of strength. The achievement, which requires players to unlock the 4th rank of every Heart of Azeroth essence that was released prior to Patch 8.3, is unequivocally the grindiest achievement I’ve ever worked towards in all my years of playing WoW. And frankly, I’m loving every second of it. 

Personally, I was burnt out of Battle for Azeroth long before Patch 8.3. The expansion didn’t hold my interest for too long after its launch, and the patches that followed didn’t catch my eye upon immediate release. But after coming back to the game full-time a few months ago, I’ve been laser-focused on getting the ‘Azeroth’s Champion’ title through a series of achievements that not only forces me to play through most of BfA’s major content, but every facet of content that modern WoW has to offer. 

With each of the tasks in mind for Azeroth’s Champion, the game asks me to perform a medley of world content, PvP, dungeons, and raiding. From pushing rating in arena brackets to downing mythic fights like Queen Azshara (which is still pretty mechanically intensive even with a fully overgeared group), I’m experiencing everything Battle for Azeroth has to offer in one fully-equipped platter of content.

Still, it’s worth noting that the achievement doesn’t require you to do any content released in Patch 8.3. You don’t have to grind out dailies in the Vale and Uldum in order to lock down the title at the end of the day (and I’m honestly extremely thankful for that).

Personally, I’m seriously enjoying Nazjatar as a zone. I never truly explored and absorbed the zone when it was current content a few months back, but after getting to dive into every nook and cranny of the area’s story, backdrop, and experience, I’m fairly certain it’s one of my favorite zones in all of BfA. 

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Still, if you’re looking for one last sense of fulfillment and achievement before this expansion comes to a close – and more importantly, one that’s filled to the brim with prestige and exclusivity – then perhaps this grind is for you. While other achievements like ‘Ahead of the Curve: N’Zoth’, and ‘Mythic: Lady Jaina Proudmoore’ definitely supply you with tangible rewards like mounts and titles, the ‘Phenomenal Cosmic Power’ achievement is in a class of its own. As it currently stands, 0% of Wowhead profiles have completed the achievement, as the great lengths to which you have to go in order to acquire this feat of strength are extravagant. 

So while the road towards this achievement is definitely serving as an avenue for me to complete almost everything Battle for Azeroth has to offer – and I’m enjoying my personal rediscovery of BfA at the back end of the expansion – I can definitely see why this grind isn’t for a lot of people. Perhaps the biggest turn-off for a strong portion of the playerbase is the heavy amount of daily quests that have to be completed in order to reach the finish line. 

Three of the essences in question for ‘Azeroth’s Champion’ depend on you completing world content – with a dosage of RNG involved, as well. You must grind a monotonous amount of rep in Mechagon and Rustbolt in order for Rustbolt and Ankoan/Unshackled supplies to drop. Then, you have to get lucky and hope that the rank 4 upgrade for the required essence is found within the box.

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All in all, the amount of dailies you have to complete is unreasonable for the average player and I can totally see why many players who are still holding on to BfA in these late stages wouldn’t be too keen on grinding so many dailies and world quests. Personally, I’ve opened a total of 18 chests between Nazjatar and Mechagon and I’ve only received one of the two essences required for those appropriate rep grinds. The end is not in sight. I think. I’m not sure at this point. All I know is that I’ve become one with the grind. 

Regardless though, I still think that the grind for ‘Azeroth’s Champion’ is an intriguing and unique experience in and of itself, especially when contextualized in the modern landscape of WoW. There hasn’t been a grind like this – one that includes every facet of the game’s content and mechanics – in quite some time. In order to walk away with the achievement at the end of the day, you need to not only be a balanced and well-rounded WoW player, but one that’s skilled in every single area of the game.

If you feel like you’re up to the task, this is the ultimate test of the modern World of Warcraft player. I can’t recommend enough how fulfilling it is to take the plunge towards Battle for Azeroth’s finish line.


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