There’s a massive, 5-week long Timewalking event happening on the BfA live servers right now, and frankly, it’s creating the perfect storm of power-leveling. 

Back in March, Blizzard implemented the Winds of Wisdom XP buff as a mechanism for players to level up their forgotten alts before Shadowlands releases later this year. The buff simply boosts all of experience gains by 100%, and it does stack with heirlooms and other experience modifiers. In theory, your character could equip themselves with heirlooms, potions, and buffs to the point where their passive experience boost is well over 200%.

And if there’s any piece of content in WoW that delivers extensively when it comes to experience gains, it’s Timewalking dungeons. Of course, normal dungeon spamming is still a viable strategy, but with Timewalking on the board, you can easily take your alts up to level 120 in less than a day. This is considering that Timewalking dungeons are much faster and easier than most BfA dungeons. Additionally, with characters all the way from level 81-120 in the mix, the queues are notably faster and the content goes by much quicker when you have geared up level 120 characters to drag you through each dungeon by your heels. 

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So, with that in mind, last night I took some time to myself and leveled up my hunter that I haven’t touched since Legion. He’s spent a hefty amount of time at level 110, and the thought of bringing yet another character through the Kul Tiran leveling process just seemed daunting throughout the majority of the expansion. But, for just a few hours yesterday, I logged onto the character and at lightspeed, was able to blow through all of BfA’s levels by playing Wrath of the Lich King dungeons. 

Last week I did the same thing by taking a brand new Demon Hunter from level 98 up to max almost solely through Burning Crusade Timewalking dungeons. Of course, that’s with the caveat that the Demon Hunter starting experience leveled my new DH all the way up to level 107. 

Beyond those two characters, however, there’s still a slew of alts on my login screen that I haven’t touched in months – even years. And chances are, the average WoW player definitely has some extra characters in the vault, as well. 

Now is most definitely the time to go back on them and bring them to max level as there’s never been a stronger combination of experience boosts on display. Between the Winds of Wisdom, heirlooms, War Mode, the upcoming Darkmoon Faire, experience potions, and of course, Timewalking dungeons, the resources at your fingertips are immense. If you’ve held off on leveling for whatever reason, you can get through the process organically and quickly while going back and experiencing a little bit of WoW’s past in the process.


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