Riot has a history of releasing champions in the interim between the end of the World Championship and December’s All-Star event. And every year, it feels like the game’s most recent champion always has some sort of impact on the meta at All-Star weekend. Whether it was Kindred in 2015, Ivern in 2016, or Neeko in 2018, there’s seemingly always a new champion on the board just in time for the best players in the world to try out at the annual All-Star event. This time around, in 2019, it’s Senna. Sure, Aphelios could be argued as the most “recent” champion, but when you consider that he hasn’t even hit the live servers yet and isn’t available in pro play, the case for Senna is obvious. 

Two years ago, perhaps the biggest example of this mindset was on display when Zoe had been released just a few weeks before All-Stars kicked off in Los Angeles. Over the course of the inter-regional matchups that took place at that tourney, Zoe was the shining star the whole way through. She was picked or banned in 21 out of 22 contests at All-Star 2017 for a total pick/ban presence of 95.4%.

Screencap via Riot Games

Obviously, Zoe was the most notable newly-released champion that had the strongest impact on any All-Star event in the history of LoL, but with another contender hitting the Rift this past month, perhaps Senna could play a role in this year’s All-Star weekend. 

Keep in mind that Zoe was released just a few weeks before her debut at the 2017 All-Star event. This time around, Senna has had a full month of experience in the game before she hits the competitive scene. And while she hasn’t necessarily been touched all too extensively in the department of patch history, she’s still had enough time on the live servers for the players present at All-Star 2019 to utilize her effectively. 

This weekend, keep an eye on Senna to make an impact on the support meta, considering she’s most viable at the support position, but with the nature of All-Stars being a bit more laid-back than most international events, she might just play a role at AD Carry and other, more experimental positions, as well. 


Photo Credit: Riot Games, Lolesports, League of Legends