We don’t know much about the Overwatch 2 release date. We know the game is coming eventually, but it’s up in the air as to when it’s going to actually hit the market. And while it’s still too early in the game’s development to make a solid prediction regarding its official release, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to claim that the most opportune time for the game to release would be next fall. 

By the time next October rolls around, fall will be in full swing and the third season of the Overwatch League will have just closed. On top of that, Blizzcon 2020 will be right around the corner, and more buzz will be generating throughout the game’s community. Focusing on the Overwatch League’s schedule, as well as the game’s potential hype cycle, it would behoove Blizzard to capitalize in their prime window of opportunity and strike when the iron’s hot. 

Next fall, the competitive scene will be relatively quiet with the professional offseason in full effect. If Blizzard is able to implement Overwatch 2 and begin to get the pros accustomed to the game’s sweeping changes before the 4th season of OWL, it would present the league with an optimal situation. We wouldn’t want to see major changes thrusted into the competitive scene during the middle of the season like we saw this year with the introduction of 2/2/2 lock. Bringing the game to live servers after the competitive season has come to a close simply makes the most sense.

As for the hype factor, Blizzard will be preparing for Blizzcon come next October, and to have the game released in time to announce further Overwatch 2 developments at the convention would be a huge plus. Sure, announcing a release date for OW2 during the opening ceremony would be nice, as well. But, to have the actual game released in time for the convention would be a major step in the right direction. If Blizzard is able to have the game out to the public and then announce further news at Blizzcon next year, then the hype train will just keep on rolling. 

And even if the game doesn’t come out by next fall and we have to wait even longer (which is most likely going to be the case), it’s still imperative that Blizzard takes the two aforementioned factors into account when planning a release date for Overwatch 2. Of course, they don’t want the release of the franchise’s first major sequel to interfere with its lush competitive scene, but the company also wants to capitalize on as much hype as possible. With this in mind, an autumn release most definitely makes the most sense. It’s only a matter of which autumn is what’s yet to be determined. 


Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch