With stellar performance at this year’s World Championship in the rearview mirror, FunPlus Phoenix and SK Telecom T1 are the neck and neck favorites to win the title in 2020.

Starting with FPX, the LPL champions rolled over the competition at Worlds en route to the region’s second consecutive World title. FunPlus secured the championship with a total record of 13-4 and a 9-2 run through the Bracket Stage to close out the tournament. And now, moving into the offseason and the early preparation stages of the 2020 season, FPX stands as a clear favorite to repeat next season with odds of 15-4. 

However, they don’t stand alone. Alongside FPX, SK Telecom also sports 15-4 odds to win the title next season. And although SKT was cut down by G2 Esports in this year’s semifinal round, it’s still reasonable to view them as a clear contender moving forward.

To give these odds life, if you were to bet $10 on either FPX or SKT right now, you would receive $37.50 by the time either team hoists the Summoner’s Cup next fall.

And while both of these organizations are obvious picks to bring home a World title, plenty of other contenders are in the conversation, as well. 

Right behind FPX and SKT sits Griffin, who exited this year’s tournament in the Quarterfinals, but posts 5/1 odds for the 2020 championship. Beyond them are this year’s runner-up in G2, who sport 6/1 odds to capture what would be Europe’s first title in 9 years.

FPX’s league-mates, Royal Never Give Up, sit with 9-1 odds, while plenty of LCK teams round out the top of the pack as Damwon Gaming, Sandbox Gaming, and Afreeca Freecs are favored to win with odds of 10-1, 12-1, and 20-1, respectively.

As far as the West goes, Fnatic has a 25-1 chance of taking home the title, while Team Liquid, Cloud9 and TSM post respective odds of 33-1, 50-1, and 100-1. Obviously, TL is the North American team with the best chances of finding international success, but after the region struggled immensely at this year’s World Championship, it’s understandable why NA’s odds are so bleak for 2020.

Keep in mind that next year’s tournament isn’t going to kick off until almost a year from now, so these odds are definitely subject to change over the course of the offseason. When the odds opened for the 2019 World Championship, G2 sported odds of 50-1. By the time the eve of the tournament came around, the team’s odds shifted to 6-1. It’s important to remember that anything can happen between now and Worlds 2020, especially with the offseason and entire regular season still on the horizon. But, if you have a good feeling about a team at this moment, maybe now is the time to plunk down some money.


Photo Credit: Lolesports, Riot Games, League of Legends

Odds Courtesy of: Bovada