With the MSI Group Stage out of the way and the Bracket Stage set to be in full swing, the meta at the tournament is constantly evolving as more and more games are being played. And now, as we progress into the next phase of the event, certain champions could have major impacts on the way the game is played moving forward.

One of those champions is Elise, who posted a total pick/ban presence of 17% during the tournament’s group stage. And while that number might pale in comparison to the titans of the tournament like Sylas and Akali, it’s clear that the Spider Queen is serving as a reasonably reliable under-the-radar pick. Her 4 picks at MSI tie for 4th most amongst all jungle champions alongside Hecarim and only behind Jarvan IV (15), Rek’Sai (9), and Lee Sin (9).

And while the champion was only able to find one win in those four instances, notably in the hands of G2 Esports’ Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski in a win over SK Telecom, it’s clear that Elise is a pick that junglers can default back on when the meta’s more favorable options might have been picked or banned off the table.

With three best-of-5’s waiting on the very near horizon, the jungle position could play an incredibly important role in the way those series are played. If the Group Stage can serve as any indication, junglers will be the focal point of the final four teams’ gameplans. Throughout the course of the tournament’s initial phase, it was obvious that teams lived and died by their junglers. Now, with everything on the line here on the final weekend of MSI 2019, the position could most definitely serve as the crux of competition – the factor that makes or breaks a team’s tournament run.

What’s even harder to believe is that Elise – a champion that hasn’t really made any serious waves in the competitive scene since 2017 – might just determine the outcome of this year’s biggest tournament so far.

This weekend, pay close attention to the rematch between G2 and SKT, as Jankos and Kim “Clid” Tae-min have both give Elise some attention at MSI, and if their hands are forced, Elise could finally emerge from the shadows and take center stage when it matters most.


Photo Credit: Riot Games, Lolesports, League of Legends