The Shock had to wait 49 days to get another crack at the Vancouver Titans, but San Francisco made sure that when the time to strike presented itself, capitalizing on the opportunity would be downright inevitable.

The taste of a 4-3 loss at the hands of the Titans just a month and a half ago still lingered in the mouths of everyone on the Shock roster heading into Sunday’s Stage 2 final. Even after running the table with 28 consecutive map wins in the regular stage, along with a 7-1 playoff map record, the Shock couldn’t wait to get its hands back on the Titans. No matter how many bottom-of-the-barrel squads San Francisco rolled through, nothing could quite compare to a redemption game at the end of the road.

Needless to say, the Shock completely took advantage of the situation presented to them, as the team defeated Vancouver by a score of 4-2, capturing the Stage 2 title.

Things had looked testy for the Shock after the team selected Paris as the third map, but failed to take the round and went down two maps to one as a result. With a 2-1 lead in tow for the Titans, the match shifted to Watchpoint: Gibraltar, where San Francisco knotted things up at 2, only to run away with the series from there.

Although the series was filled to the brim with memorable moments, perhaps the biggest turning point of the afternoon came on the final map of the series, Blizzard World, when Matthew “Super” DeLisi nailed three members of the Titans with a game-changing Earthshatter combined with a massive Graviton Surge from Jay “Sinatraa” Won. From there, the Shock was able to take Point A while later pushing the payload through the entirety of the map, save the final few meters. However, those few meters wouldn’t end up playing a factor as the Shock managed to stop Vancouver’s push right before Point B, playing immaculate defense in the final moments to snatch the OWL crown.

And if there’s any major takeaway from this series, it’s that although the Shock and Titans rarely face off, they’ve already established quite the rivalry. Despite Vancouver’s 2-1 record against San Francisco, it’s clear that the Shock were the better team today and have adapted to the Titans’ playstyle immensely. These two organizations currently sit atop all of Overwatch and are obviously tiers ahead of the rest of the OWL field. Don’t be surprised if we see these two squads face off in plenty of other stage finals from here on out. It’s even a real possibility that we saw a brief glimpse into this year’s grand final today. It wouldn’t be all too stunning if we saw the Shock and Titans face off in Philadelphia later this year.


Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch League