After three weeks of play in the LEC, Misfits Gaming has looked like a stellar competitor in every sense. A 4-2 record coupled with talented players across the board have allowed the team to surge into 4th place, 2 games out of the top spot in the league. Solid additions including Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten and Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyeon have propelled Misfits out of the European basement, once again turning the team into a serious contender.

But if there’s one player who is taking the team and carrying it to new heights, it’s Steven “Hans Sama” Liv, who’s quietly on pace to have one of the most impressive splits of his career. In fact, the longtime Misfits franchise player is on track to dominate the league, as he currently ranks in the top 5 among all bottom laners in KPG, Dth/G, APG, CSD@15, GPM, DMG%, and DPM. Additionally, when it comes to GD@15 and the coveted KDA statistic, he not only leads his fellow bottom laners, but the entire LEC altogether.

Through all of Misfits’ shortcomings last season, Hans Sama was a reliable piece that proved he was worthy of building an organization around. And in 2018, on a team filled with All-Stars and players who would be centerpieces on any other team, Hans Sama is making his case for the title of “team MVP”.

With six games in the books, Hans Sama has posted a KPG of 4.3, good enough for 3rd among LEC bottom laners, and an APG of 4.5, which ranks 5th. However, his Dth/G ranks number 1 overall for his position, as his mark of 0.7 makes him the only bottom laner in Europe to post a number in that category below 1.0. Those three marks combined have propelled him to a league-best KDA of 13.3, as only Elias “Upset” Lipp comes close to that number with a KDA of 10.7, nearly a full 3.0 points behind the mark from Hans Sama.

The Misfits bottom laner has also put up a CSM of 9.5 thus far, which is good enough for 5th in the entire league, setting him up quite nicely for a GPM of 480, which ranks 3rd, but still just 11 points off of Upset’s top spot. Additionally, his impeccable farming game has given him another league-best when it comes to GD@15, as his ridiculous mark of 1280 is not only the highest in all of Europe, but it’s also 300 points higher than the anyone else in the LEC – specifically Luka “Perkz” Perković, who holds the second place position.   

With all of these statistics on the table, it’s easy to call Hans Sama a top-tier bottom laner – he’s certainly been playing like one. His quiet success has propelled him and his team to the upper echelon of the LEC standings. Moving forward, if Misfits was to compete at its current pace, a playoff spot would be all but guaranteed – and Hans Sama would largely be the one to thank.

However, the numbers don’t exactly suggest that he’s the best at what he does in all of Europe. Even still, he’s right on the cusp. All it’s going to take is one big performance – maybe even one big win – to triumph over the biggest obstacle standing in his way: Perkz.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to get our answers and experience potential vindication, as a matchup between Misfits and G2 will take place on the first day of week 5. Perhaps a dominating performance might just bring Hans Sama to the forefront of the “best bottom laner” discussion – he’s definitely on the precipice.


Photo Credit: League of Legends, Lolesports, Riot Games