Two weeks into the 2019 season, the competitive League of Legends meta is quickly taking form. Champions from the entire roster are making appearances across every league in the world, as 100 of the 143 characters in the game have already been picked or banned at least once. However, of the 100 champions to be played on the competitive stage in 2019, none have dominated the global scene quite as hard as Aatrox, who holds a competitive pick/ban rate of 100% through 155 games.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise, either. Aatrox has been on top of the entire champion roster ever since his rework at the midpoint of 2018. Throughout last year’s summer split, he held the champion presence title with 427 picks and a total of 1,563 bans across the global competitive scene. In total, Aatrox was featured in 82% of champion selects throughout the regular split last summer. The next highest champion on the presence leaderboard was Taliyah, whose mark of 71% paled in comparison in the shadow of Aatrox’s dominance.

Additionally, at the World Championship, Aatrox took home the presence crown, posting a pick/ban rate of 99% over 118 games, missing only one game across the entire tournament (including the Play-in Stage). Only Alistar and Urgot came close to that number at the tournament with marks of 97% and 95%, respectively.

However, what’s most impressive is the fact that between the 2018 summer split, Worlds, and now the 2019 season, Aatrox has posted a competitive pick/ban rate of roughly 93% since the rework. 

And now, Aatrox’s reign of dominance has run on heavily, as he’s continued to establish himself as a priority pick for any team in any situation in these early stages of the season. Just behind him, Cassiopeia holds a pick/ban rate of 99% with only 8 picks but 145 bans. Additionally, Urgot, who is also quietly blazing a trail of dominance, has been picked 113 times alongside 39 bans.

However, with the Patch 9.2 notes released just hours ago, Aatrox may finally get knocked down a peg in the coming weeks. After receiving nerfs to the AD ratios on his Q, the Darkin Blade, as well as his the recharge rate on his E, Umbral Dash, Aatrox could be significantly weaker in the damage department moving forward.

Needless to say, Aatrox is still a powerful force in the competitive scene as things stand right now. However, his lofty 100% pick/ban rate looks like it could slip away very quickly.


Photo Credit: League of Legends, Riot Games