Fresh off the heels of a significant victory at the 2018 World Championship, Invictus Gaming has already opened up as the favorites to win it all again in 2019.

       The powerhouse of the LPL steamrolled its way through this year’s tournament, securing the Summoner’s Cup with a record of 14-4. And now, as we look ahead to next year’s World Championship, IG stands tall as the favorite to take home the crown yet again, as the team’s odds currently sits at 9-2.

         To put that into perspective, if you were to place a $2 bet on IG right now, you would receive $11 if they were to win Worlds next year. If you put down a $30 bet, you’d win $165. 

           And while IG have emerged as the early favorites to take home a second consecutive title, their Chinese counterparts, Royal Never Give Up, sit right behind them with 5-1 odds. Additionally, KT Rolster, the team Invictus beat en route the LPL’s first ever World Championship title, is just behind RNG with 6-1 odds to win next year’s tournament outright.

         Although the aforementioned usual suspects make up the frontrunners for next year’s title, some interesting picks across the world might stand a chance with some pretty intriguing odds.

       Despite SK Telecom T1’s absence from this year’s World Championship, the long-storied organization still has 13-2 odds to win it all in 2019. Additionally, Griffin’s 9-1 odds show a promising future for the team’s sophomore season, while Kingzone DragonX posts a mark of 14-1 as the team looks to kickstart a redemption tour next year.

         In the West, 2018 Worlds runners-up Fnatic have a 20-1 chance of taking home the title, as the future of much of its roster still remains up in the air. Cloud9, Team Vitality, and G2 Esports all post odds of 50-1, while Team Liquid and Team SoloMid both remain longshots to take home the title, as they each sit firmly with odds of 100-1.

        Keep in mind that next year’s tournament is at least 11 months away, so these odds are definitely subject to change over the course of the offseason and the the 2019 regular season. However, with the emergence of Western threats, as well as the restructuring of the East, it will certainly be interesting to see which teams emerge as potential favorites and contenders throughout 2019.


Photo Credit: League of Legends, Riot Games, Invictus Gaming


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