Just a few hours from now, Invictus Gaming will take to the stage of the World Championship yet again, looking to defend and expand upon the perfect 3-0 record the team had crafted during the first round robin of the tournament’s Group Stage. And if there’s any player that has served as the perpetuating factor for IG’s success, it’s Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo, the team’s bottom laner who is quietly placing his name in the discussion for the title of Group Stage MVP.

       Throughout the course of Invictus Gaming’s three games at the World Championship thus far, JackeyLove has proven to be the most prominent catalyst for his team’s success. With a KDA of 14.7, a DPM of 653.5, and a KP of 90%, JackeyLove has already proven he’s one of the best players at the tournament. Now, all he has to do is keep establishing himself. He’s already made an example out of his subordinates in Group D once, now he just has to do it again. And if Fnatic, 100 Thieves, and G-Rex put up the same kind of fight they did against Invictus during the first round robin, JackeyLove and company should have no problem making a statement come Friday.

       If IG can reiterate the performance they had in the first round robin during in the second phase of the Group Stage, then there’s no reason as to why the team’s bottom laner shouldn’t be in the same discussion with Worlds greats like Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu and Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao.

        However, what makes JackeyLove’s performance during the first three games of Worlds unique from the rest of the pack is that he’s only played one champion throughout the course of the tournament, so far. While JackeyLove might already be one of, if not the best player at the entire World Championship, with Kai’Sa in his hands, he’s an entirely different beast.

       This season, including Worlds, JackeyLove has posted a record of 9-2 on Kai’Sa, good enough for a win-rate of 81.8%. Additionally, throughout the summer, his KDA on the champion sits at a total of 8.7, while he holds a mark of 627.4 in the DPM department. At the World Championship, however, JackeyLove has certainly upped the ante, as he leads the field of bot laners in the categories of KDA, KPG, GPM, and FBP.

        And now, as we head into the 8th and final day of the Worlds Group Stage, all eyes are on JackeyLove and Invictus Gaming, as the team’s franchise player has the chance to lead his squad into the bracket stage of the tournament, joining their LPL counterparts Edward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up in the top eight. And if the team can run the table for a second time during the Group Stage, it should become clear that Invictus might just be the team to beat at the World Championship. However, if IG is going to find success to close out the Group Stage, a lot will be riding on JackeyLove and his ability to step up and make an impact. However, even if he plays at a fraction of his current pace, the Chinese titans should have no problem making a significant statement come Friday.


Photo Credit: Riot Games, League of Legends