When it comes to Mythic raiding in World of Warcraft, preparation is key. The four-week period between the launch of an expansion and the release of Mythic difficulty serves as a keynote for not only the race to World First, but the entire expansion, as well. With Battle for Azeroth introducing more pre-raid content than any other expansion, plenty of Mythic raiding teams will burst into Uldir with more resources for success than ever before.

       World quests, Mythic dungeons, Island Expeditions, PvP content, Normal and Heroic raiding, Warfronts, and most recently, the release of Mythic+ dungeons, have supplied players with ample opportunities to receive gear and Azerite, alike. And with 28 days to work towards accessing the game’s hardest content, it’s fair to say that the game’s most talented and hardest-working players have already amassed a strong enough advantage to where Mythic-level Uldir could serve as a fair challenge.

       And yet, the question still remains: “Which top-tier guilds will be the most prepared for Mythic raiding?”

       Obviously, high-ranking squads like Method have been in the discussion for months now, but as we near Tuesday’s release date, certain guilds have been gearing up and prepping harder than others, and by the time we see our first true leaders in the race, there may be a few more surprising contenders than originally anticipated.

       One guild worth watching next week is most definitely Wildcard Gaming of Mal’Ganis (US), a team that came together during the latter stages of Legion, posting a World-12th placing for Antorus, the Burning Throne, after finishing 856th in the World for the Mythic Kil’Jaeden race last Spring. During the first tier of Legion, the guild didn’t even scratch the top 9000. However, Wildcard Gaming now ranks as potentially the top guild in the United States, and will surely be in the conversation come Tuesday. Days before any other guild in the world had cleared Uldir on Heroic difficulty, Wildcard had killed G’huun just hours after the raid was released. Although European guilds will likely lead the charge in the Mythic Uldir race, look for Wildcard Gaming to represent the US region to the fullest.

       An outside pick that may have more sway over the race than originally anticipated could actually be the Oceanic dark horse, Honestly. After clearing Heroic Uldir early last Friday, they became the 27th guild in the world to kill G’huun, and throughout much of the past week, they’ve been ranked as the top-ranked guild in the world when it comes to item level. After the team’s G’huun kill, the average item level in Honestly was sitting at 357.29, with that number only bound to go up throughout the course of the raid cycle. While an Oceanic guild has never truly made waves in a Mythic race, perhaps this time, the script could be flipped.

       For what seems like the entire lifespan of modern WoW, Mythic raiders have sat at the upper echelons of the game, playing at a level far above the majority of the community and setting the standard for endgame content in the process. However, while game’s most talented players have most definitely risen above the rest of the player-base, they’ve been playing the game in a bubble when it comes to each raid’s Mythic race.

       Disconnected from the Mythic action, followers of the race are regularly relegated to refreshing certain guilds’ social media for updates, as well as constantly checking Wowprogress in the hopes that maybe one of their favorite guilds downed a boss. Besides that, the resources for following a race tend to be quite stark. However, with Uldir, streaming the race will finally be a more mainstream option, as Method, one of, if not the best guild in the world, has announced that members of its roster will be streaming the race, complete with multiple POVs and analysis of the raid.

       With Method taking the plunge and putting on a full-blown stream for Uldir’s Mythic race, it’s become obvious that a top-secret approach to competitive WoW is quickly becoming outdated, and in order for the top-level of gameplay to become more accessible and exciting, the flood gates must be opened.

       Throughout the course of the race, watching the world’s greatest guild tackle what’s set to be one of the most intriguing opening raids any expansion has ever kicked off with will most definitely change the way competitive raiding is viewed and followed.

       As is tradition with Mythic raids, Blizzard usually likes to keep some of its best kept secrets locked away until the best possible moment. Throughout the course of WoW’s history, many high-end raiders have looked forward to special surprises in the instance that are exclusive to the raid’s highest difficulty.

       Whether it be extra phases to a fight, as seen with Imperator Mar’Gok in Highmaul, or entirely new fights altogether, like Ra-Den in the Throne of Thunder, the well-kept stunners that Blizzard keeps under the radar are always a treat worth progressing for.

       And while it’s still obviously unknown what extras Blizzard may have planted inside Uldir on Mythic difficulty, Battle for Azeroth’s first raid is already shaping up to be one of the most intriguing and exciting instances in quite some time. The first four weeks of the expansion have been packed to the brim with content, and with Mythic raiding culminating the fifth week of BFA, we could finally start to see the big picture in regards to everything the expansion has to offer.


Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft