After a disappointing Spring Split where the team finished 6-12 in a dismal 8th place, FlyQuest now finds itself in a position to make a run at the NA LCS Summer Split playoffs. As we’ve passed the halfway point of the split, FlyQuest now sits in sole possession of 4th place with a record of 6-5, setting the stage for a potential playoff berth with just seven games remaining.

        And although the NA LCS playoffs seem like a realistic and reachable goal for a much-improved FlyQuest squad, perhaps a trip to the World Championship this fall isn’t entirely out of the question.

        With the North American table so wide open , it’s incredibly hard to determine exactly which three teams are definitively going to represent the region at this year’s World Championship. While Team Liquid seems like the safest bet as of right now, it’s still difficult to get a grasp on the standings, as former basement-dwellers like Golden Guardians and OpTic Gaming are in line for a playoff run, while former contenders like Cloud9 and Clutch Gaming are tied for last place.

        The league has gone upside down in a matter of weeks, and now, the competition has been blown wide open. With only 7 games remaining for each team in the regular season,  FlyQuest has as good a shot as any when it comes to making the postseason and potentially the World Championship.

        The team has already proven it can beat fellow playoff contenders in 100 Thieves, Team Liquid, and even Counter Logic Gaming. And as they sit near the top of the table as we progress through the split’s second round robin, it’s safe to say that FlyQuest might be more than a dangerous underdog. They could actually be a legitimate contender.

        In order for FlyQuest to make moves at the back end of the regular season, the roster will need to take full advantage of valuable strengths in certain areas. First and foremost, however, they’ll need to play to their full potential. While the FlyQuest roster doesn’t seem too impressive on paper, the team’s ceiling is massive. With efficient star-power supplied by Lee “Flame” Ho-jong and Jason “Wildturtle” Tran, as well as solid consistency from supporting characters in Lucas “Santorin” Larsen and Jang “Keane” Lae-young, the team has a chance to pull together a string of wins and find themselves at the top of standings when all is said and done.

        Secondly, FlyQuest’s newest boon of good hope, Juan “JayJ” Guibert, has been nothing but a positive force in the Support position since he joined the squad in a full-time role back in week 3 of the Summer Split. With JayJ in the starting lineup, FlyQuest has posted a record of 6-2, in comparison to the dismal 0-3 start the team got off to with Kevin “Kwon” Kwon. If JayJ can continue to perform at the level to which he’s set a precedent, FlyQuest’s bottom lane can stand toe to toe with any duo in the league.

        Finally, while it’s been a point of controversy in the past, FlyQuest’s roster depth is second to none in the NA LCS. Throughout the course of the Spring Split, the organization couldn’t exactly figure out its starting lineup, as well as its roster as a whole. However, after the organization’s Academy squad won the inaugural Academy League title, it became evident that FlyQuest’s organization had talent on the roster from top to bottom. Additionally, adding longtime top-tier jungler William “Meteos” Hartman to the roster three weeks back certainly bolstered the team’s options, making FlyQuest a genuine threat to the rest of the league.

         And now, with just seven games remaining between today and the end of the regular season, FlyQuest seems to finally have all the pieces in place for a playoff run. The table is set and roster is ready. And with each team in the league being closer in the standings than ever before, FlyQuest will need to take every opportunity given to them if they want to make some waves in the NA LCS. However, the chances are certainly present for the team, and if the roster can play up to its full potential, it’s more likely than not we could see FlyQuest representing North America at the World Championship later this year.