In the midst of surviving 5 inches of rain, dozens of lightning strikes, and over 40 power outages in Brooklyn on Friday evening, the London Spitfire stood their ground against the Philadelphia Fusion, taking 3 maps to Philly’s 1, resulting in a 1-0 series lead for the Spitfire.

       And although the Fusion came into the match with an arguable advantage in the momentum department, coming off of a major upset triumphing over the top-seeded New York Excelsior, London made sure to halt any hype that the Philly squad had managed to mount throughout the course of the past few weeks.

        Things looked rocky for London early on as the Fusion found victory on Dorado and jumped out to an early 1-0 lead. However, the Spitfire quickly responded with three straight definitive victories, sending the New York crowd home after a best of 5 that was undoubtedly much more competitive than the 3-1 scoreline would suggest.

        Despite an incredibly competitive series filled with plenty of noteworthy moments, the highlight of the evening came during the final seconds of the 4th map, as Spitfire DPS player Joon-yeong “Profit” Park single-handedly took control of Volskaya Industries, transforming Point B into his stomping grounds, as he finished off 5 Philly players within 10 seconds, resulting in a definitive map win and a downright epic way to finish off the first Bo5 of the Grand Finals.

        And while it was obvious that the crowd had been showing a Fusion-favored slant throughout the evening, Profit’s heroics on Volskaya were enough to turn the tide of the series and prove a point: these finals belong to the Spitfire.

        With just three maps separating them from an OWL title, London has all the momentum as the team comes off of the most adrenaline-filled Bo5 in the young history of the league. And now, it’s a strong possibility that Friday night’s fireworks could carry over into Saturday’s Grand Finale, setting the stage for an inaugural final that could set a massive precedent for years to come.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Barclays Center