After being snubbed from receiving the Overwatch League’s regular season MVP award, Jae-Hyeok “Carpe” Lee has been carving a path for the Philadelphia Fusion, as the organization has now successfully marched its way into the inaugural OWL Grand Finals. And now, with only the London Spitfire standing in the way of Carpe and his quest for an Overwatch title, the stage is set for one of the game’s greatest players to solidify his place at the top.

       This Friday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, the game’s strongest competitors will take to the stage for the inaugural OWL Grand Finals. And yet, if there’s any one player in particular who has risen to the occasion and played a major factor in his team’s success, it’s Carpe. While the entire Philly roster has played incredibly formidable during the postseason, Carpe’s leadership and raw talent have been key reasons as to why the Fusion finds itself in prime position for a title.

       Throughout the course of the playoffs, Carpe has looked seriously stellar, as he’s put up 18.16 E/10, the highest mark among all DPS players in the postseason. Additionally, he ranks 3rd in the death column for DPS players, as his 4.86 D/10 qualify for some of the best numbers in the playoffs, ranking only behind Ji-Hyeok “birdring” Kim and Jun-Young “Profit” Park of the Spitfire. However, it’s important to note that Carpe has racked up more than nearly a full hour of game time than the aforementioned players, making the Philadelphia DPS’ mark all that impressive, considering he’s had plenty of chances to die.

       And although Carpe’s brilliance on the K/D side of things is definitely remarkable, he has also been a constant force for the Fusion throughout the course of the postseason in the consistency department.

       Sometimes in esports, the intangibles that a player brings to a roster are almost more valuable than their raw statistics. In Carpe’s case, he sets the example for the rest of the Philadelphia roster. He is by miles the most consistent player in the organization, as he has played every minute of Philadelphia’s playoff run. When Carpe steps on to the stage, every Fusion fan knows that they’re going to get a solid showing out of their most valuable asset.

       And while Carpe’s stats are certainly one of the most amazing things about his young career, his ability to command and take control of a game is nearly unmatched. You can always count on him for a flashy, game-changing play, a definitive pick onto an opposing carry, or just a downright stellar performance. Every time Carpe takes the stage, it’s safe to bet on a masterful performance.

       And now, a marquee matchup with the London Spitfire awaits Carpe and the Fusion, and if he’s able to keep up this level of play, Philadelphia should have no trouble at all riding his strengths to an OWL title. With a nearly unmatched playoff run in the making, Carpe can take this weekend’s Grand Final and turn it into an opportunity to not only solidify himself as the face of the Fusion, but potentially the greatest player in the OWL, as well.


Photo Credit: Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment