Throughout the course of The Witchwood’s lifespan, the Druid class has been one of the most prominent and dominant classes in all of Hearthstone. And this past weekend at HCT Italy, the circumstances were no different. Druid was by miles the most popular class at the tournament, as players showcased nearly a dozen different variants and archetypes of a class that has quickly become a powerhouse on the competitive stage.

       As we rapidly approach the midway point of the 2018-2019 season, and with The Boomsday Project set to bring even more diversity to the game, the re-emergence of Druid as one of the game’s top contenders will surely play a factor as the competitive season creeps closer to the Global Games, and eventually the World Championship.

       However, at HCT Italy, we received a taste of just how powerful Druid can be, as the class dominated the tournament’s meta. Throughout the course of the weekend, we saw a total of 306 Druid players at the tournament, with Taunt Druid serving as the most prominent archetype for the class. With 114 Taunt Druids present at HCT Italy, it was one of the most popular decks at the event; only behind 120 Miracle Rogues, 134 Shudderwock Shamans, and a whopping 205 Even Warlocks.

       And yet, despite the massive amount of variety that HCT Italy brought to the competitive stage, Druid remained on top of the scene. Appearing in 23 games in the Top 16 at Italy, the class posted a win-rate of 65%. Rogue was the only class to be played more frequently in the tournament’s final rounds with 30 appearances, yet Rogue players only came up with a win-rate of just 27%, the lowest of all 9 classes in the game.

       And now, with HCT Oakland just mere hours away, we could continue to see Druid dominate the competitive meta all the way through the remainder of the Summer. The class has already been incredibly present throughout the tour so far, as 300 players ran with a Druid in their arsenal at HCT Seoul, as well as 60 of the 73 players at the HCT Americas Summer Playoffs.

       And as the season continues, eventually thrusting its way through the Summer and into the Fall, one outlook is almost a fairly certain guarantee: Druids have taken Hearthstone by stranglehold, and the grip does not seem to be letting up any time soon.


Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment, Alex Horley Orlandelli