This year’s iteration of Kingzone DragonX has established itself as possibly the greatest League of Legends roster ever assembled, and now, the team stands as the odds-on favorite to win the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational outright. With some of the greatest players in the world posting up at each and every position, it’s safe to call Kingzone DragonX the strongest team at MSI by a wide margin.

         Coming into MSI, Kingzone is the clear favorite to take home the trophy when the dust settles, and it’s mainly because of how hard the talent on the team’s roster completely outranks every other starting lineup at the tournament. With Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong taking home the LCK Regular Season MVP Award and Kim “PraY” Jong-in winning the Playoff MVP honors for his performance in the LCK Finals, the level of greatness that’s present on the Kingzone roster is unmatched. Additionally, Bdd, alongside teammates Kim “Khan” Dong-ha and Han “Peanut” Wang-ho, each led their respective positions in the KDA department throughout the LCK Spring Split.

         And now, with Kingzone set to kick off their MSI on Friday against North America’s Team Liquid, it’s important to note that the Korean Powerhouse has already established itself as the strongest team in internationally play, even though the roster hasn’t touched the international stage since last year’s World Championship, where they competed under the “Longzhu Gaming” brand.

         Together, the players of the Kingzone roster has totaled 103 wins on the international stage, spanning across 5 seasons and 4 organizations. The team’s combined career win-rate currently sits at 64% when playing at Riot-sponsored international events, and with massive advantages over the rest of the field at this year’s MSI, look for the Kingzone players to inflate those numbers as the tournament goes on.

         The organization has only lost one Best-of-5 in its 3-year history, when it fell to eventual champions Samsung Galaxy at last year’s World Championship. However, at this year’s MSI, most of the international community would be shocked if the team even dropped a single game. It cannot be stated enough how dominant Kingzone DragonX has looked throughout the course of the season thus far, and at this year’s MSI, it would only make sense for that level of dominance to be present, once again.

         After posting an 82% win-rate in the most elite region in all of professional League of Legends, it will certainly be interesting to see how Kingzone matches up against the best teams from foreign leagues. Although organizations like Royal Never Give Up and Team Liquid could pose threats to Kingzone’s campaign, it would still be reasonable to pencil in the Korean champions as the favorites to win every single contest at the tournament.

         However, the road to an MSI championship will be paved with worth adversaries for Kingzone DragonX, as, although the Korean champions are by far the strongest team present at this year’s Mid-Season Invitational, this tournament of regional champions could be the team’s first true test en route to a longstanding legacy.


Photo Credit: Lolesports, Riot Games