If there is one constant in professional League of Legends, it’s the Flash Wolves of the LMS, and the team’s constant presence at international tournaments. Including 2018, the organization has appeared at 3 consecutive Mid-Season Invitationals, 3 straight World Championships, and an appearance at the inaugural edition of Rift Rivals last season.

        The team has dominated LMS regional play year after year, and as they enter the 2018 MSI Play-in Stage as the clear favorites to advance to the main event, there are a few striking factors that bring the Wolves to the forefront of international play each year. This year, the circumstances are no different, and the Flash Wolves certainly could be a significant contender as the tournament progresses.

        With talent across the entire roster, it’s no wonder the Flash Wolves took home first place in the LMS this Spring, as players like Kim “Moojin” Moo-jin, Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang, and Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung all made the LMS All-Pro team, while fresh-faced jungler Moojin finished first in the voting for the Rookie of the Split award.

        After longtime jungler Hung “Karsa” Hau-Hsuan accepted an offer to play in China for Royal Never Give Up, the expectations of the Flash Wolves rested entirely on Moojin’s shoulders. Despite the incredibly large shoes to fill, Moojin immediately stepped up to the plate, as he posted an 8.2 KDA, 358 GPM, 236 DPM, and a GD15 of 218, the highest marks of all LMS starting junglers.

        In addition to the team’s rookie sensation in the jungle, Maple and Betty were able to both place in the top 10 in DPM across the entire LMS, effectively carrying Flash Wolves and serving as the cornerstones for one of the most overpowering rosters in all of League of Legends. Piling on to the effectiveness of the carry positions for Flash Wolves, rookie top laner Su “Hanabi” Chia-Hsiang held down another solo lane, leading the league’s top laners in KDA and GPM while finishing 2nd in the voting for Rookie of the Split.

        For Wednesday’s matchup against Gambit Esports, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to slate the Flash Wolves as the clear favorites. The LMS champions outclass Gambit’s roster on every level, and with one of the most impressive starting lineups in the franchise’s history, it’s safe to mark up the Flash Wolves as the strongest team remaining in the MSI Play-in Stage.

        However, the team has its sights set far beyond Wednesday’s best-of-5. With opponents like Team Liquid, Kingzone DragonX, and the Karsa-led RNG on the horizon, the Flash Wolves will look to stake their claim on the tournament and continue their perennial legacy of international prowess.