Although Gambit Esports initially entered the MSI Play-in Stage as a stagnant underdog, the team has quickly established itself as a surprising, dominant force in Group A. And with just 3 more games remaining for Gambit in the group stage, a 1st place finish when all is said and done could be more realistic than ever imagined.

          Before the start of the tournament, Group A was considered to be a “one horse race”, as Rainbow7 of the LLN were the clear-cut favorites in an otherwise underwhelming group. However, R7 collapsed on Day 1, dropping 2 of their 3 games, including a brutal loss to Gambit that capped off the day. With the initial favorites struggling, and the rest of the teams in the group failing to play up to Gambit’s level, it’s safe to say that Group A has been blown completely open.

         Later today, the teams from Group A will return to the Rift, and when the dust settles, a lone victor will stand atop the entirety of the group. With the way Gambit Esports carried themselves on Thursday, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to paint them as the favorites heading into the final day of matches for Group A.

         On Day 1, Gambit defeated their opponents by an average of 10.8k gold each match, including a 14.6k gold differential during their win against 2nd place Kaos Latin Gamers.  And now, Gambit is slated to kick off the third day of MSI with a match against Ascension Gaming, a team that played Gambit the hardest on Thursday, as Ascension’s gold deficit was only at 8,000 by the time their nexus was gone. For reference, KLG and R7 were both beaten by at least 10,000 gold, making the Gambit v. Ascension matchup arguably the most important match of the day, despite the fact that Ascension sits at a destitute 0-3.

         In short, Group A looks to be in Gambit’s control, and after entering the tournament with plenty of question marks, the team looks to have silenced every doubter.

         However, with Flash Wolves and EVOS Esports looming on the horizon, Gambit’s challenges will only increase in difficulty from here on out. But if the roster can continue to impress on the international level, their winning ways may know no bounds.


Photo Credit: Riot Games, Gambit Esports