One of the most perplexing teams at this year’s Mid Season Invitational is Kaos Latin Gamers. Although KLG was able to breeze through the CLS with relative ease with a record of 22-7, they come into MSI as one of the weakest teams at this year’s Play-In Stage. And it’s not because KLG is necessarily a bad team; regional dominance is always respectable. It’s due to the fact that this year’s Play-In Stage is inhabited by some of the strongest Wild Card teams in League of Legends history, and KLG could very well be outclassed by teams in their own group.

        KLG was one of the strongest teams in Latin America this season, as their focus on the bottom lane was one of the key factors that drove the team to a title in the first half of 2018. AD Carry Nicolás “Fix” Sayago was a mainstay when it came to KLG’s success, as he ranked in the top 3 for all CLS AD Carries when it came to KDA, KP, CS/M and GPM.

        In addition to his statistical dominance, Fix and Support Eduardo “Slow” Franco Garcés Cerda have been able to establish bottom lane dominance, resulting in KLG securing 72% of all dragons throughout the course of the Spring Split.

        At MSI, look for KLG to play around their strengths, as the bottom lane has been a massive focal point for the team since the start of 2018. Fix and Slow have outclassed nearly every bottom lane in Latin America this season, and if the team is going to advance out of the group stage, they’ll need to overcome the remarkable Gambit Esports duo lane featuring AD Carry Stanislav “Lodik” Kornelyuk and legendary Support player and 7 year veteran Edward “Edward” Abgaryan. In addition to the CIS champs, KLG’s bottom lane will face formidable opponents in Rainbow7, as famed Argentian AD Carry Matías “WhiteLotus” Musso has finished serving a four month competitive suspension and will be in the starting lineup for R7 when MSI begins on Thursday.

        And although KLG is one of the weaker teams at the Play-in Stage, the roster has its strengths. If the team can successfully play around Fix and Slow throughout the course of the group stage, a once far-fetched matchup in the knockout stage could become a reality for the CLS champions. However, it would take a major miracle to get past the brick wall that is Gambit and Rainbow7; but if Kaos Latin Gamers is able to get past two of the strongest teams at the MSI Play-in Stage, then maybe KLG could make waves in the Main Event of the tournament after all.