After teetering on the brink of the playoff picture throughout the course of the Spring split, a disappointing 0-2 performance during week 7 firmly cemented FlyQuest in the basement of the NALCS. While a glimmer of hope remains, the road ahead looks doubtful, as it would take a minor miracle for the team to squeak into the playoffs.

         With FlyQuest sitting at an ugly record of 4-10, a lot of things need to swing in their favor if a playoff berth is still in their sights. Although FlyQuest is slated to play fellow non-playoff teams in CLG and Golden Guardians next week, meetings with Echo Fox and Cloud9 to finish off the split will prove to be incredibly scary for FlyQuest, as any single game has potential to knock the team straight out of the playoffs. With a combined record of 1-3 against all four of their remaining opponents, the final stretch of the season looks incredibly unfavorable for FlyQuest. However, despite all the obstacles that face the team between now and the end of the regular season, there’s still a chance they can wiggle past the competition and secure a playoff berth when the dust finally settles.

         First and foremost, the team cannot lose a single game out of their next four. No 11-loss team has ever made the playoffs since the NALCS moved to an 18 game format in 2015. With 10 losses already under their belt, FlyQuest cannot afford to lose another one. Only Team EnVyUs was able to secure a trip to the playoffs with an 8-10 record as a 6 seed during both the 2016 and 2017 Summer splits. Nonetheless, nothing is guaranteed, as Immortals finished last year’s Spring split with a record of 8-10, yet still missed the playoffs by just one game. If FlyQuest is going to undergo an immaculate playoff run, they can’t afford to lose a single game from here on out.

         Even if FlyQuest is able to win all four of their final games, tiebreakers would still be an imminent threat, as 6 other teams have yet to lock up a playoff spot, and none of those teams have more than 8 wins, setting up potential tiebreakers with FlyQuest if the tables were to turn. Depending on final records, FlyQuest could hold tiebreakers with 100 Thieves, TSM, CLG, and Optic, if they’re able to win out. It’s impossible for FlyQuest to hold a tiebreaker with Team Liquid and Golden Guardians due to TL’s 2-0 record over FlyQuest and Golden Guardians experiencing their implied 11th/12th loss at the hands of FlyQuest next Sunday.

         Although the first 7 weeks of the split have been incredibly tumultuous for FlyQuest, there’s still a slight chance the organization can turn things around between now and March 18. However, it would take a minor miracle and a little bit of magic in order to FlyQuest to sneak into the playoff picture once again. Nonetheless, anything’s possible in the NALCS, and in a split that’s already seen upsets galore and plenty of expectations shattered, maybe FlyQuest could have a date with destiny when all is said and done.